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WebAble is your communications partner for digital transformation. We design solutions with game-changing ideas, creatives, and technology.

Founded in 2013, WebAble Digital is a pioneer in digital marketing in Bangladesh. We have helped 300+ local and international clients achieve their communication objectives. Our work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Spikes Asia, Fashion Revolution, and some other notable international platforms.

Key Recognitions

  • "Digital Agency of the Year" award at The Golden Globe Tigers 2017
  • “Best Digital Advertising Campaign” award at South Asian Digital Media Awards 2017
  • “New Technology in Promotional Campaign” award at Commward 2016
  • “Most Influential Digital Marketer in Asia” recognition by World Brand Congress 2015
  • Three “Best Use of Social Media in Marketing” awards at The Golden Globe Tigers 2017
  • Second “Most-Awarded” independent agency at Digital Marketing Awards 2017
  • Five awards at Digital Marketing Awards 2017


Creative: WebAble’s creative team has completed 12,000+ digital contents, 2,500+ campaigns, managed 350+ social media pages, produced 250+ digital videos, mobilized 120+ influencers & celebrities, organized 100+ event activations, created 50+ brand identities, and won millions of hearts!

Technology: WebAble’s technology team has completed 120+ top-notch corporate websites, 70+ web applications, 50+ games, 10+ enterprise solutions and mesmerized millions of users with UI/UX.

Media: WebAble’s media planning & buying division, a-cubed, has generated 100+ million clicks from 7+ billion ad impressions served across the internet. On Facebook, a-cubed achieved 58+ million post engagements with an impressive engagement rate of 5.21% at an amazing relevance score of 5.17!




We believe less is more. We make things simple to use, not just simple to look at.


We love to co-create. Our approach to work is to work with you, rather than for you.


We align digital with other channels to ensure cross-platform consistency in branding.


We simplify an amazing array of user data to implement what works best for your audience.

End-user centric

We put your end-users first and create a fabulous brand experience for them.

Permanent beta

We are open to new ideas and experiments. We learn rigorously and teach religiously.


Ovick Alam

Chairman & CEO of WebAble Digital

Ovick is a home-grown entrepreneur who was awarded "Asia's Most Influential Digital Media Professional" citation by World Brand Congress in 2015. He is a pioneer of digital marketing in Bangladesh. Ovick is the chairman and co-founder WebAble Digital (2013). He also founded BridgeWee (2009). Besides helping his clients with digital transformation, Ovick also facilitates corporate training for industry leaders. In 2015, at the age of 26, Ovick was featured in the “FS 15 Under 35” for his achievements as an entrepreneur. Ovick is an evangelist of the Internet. He believes the power of connectivity can change the world. At his work, Ovick likes to build an uncompromising culture of excellence. He is part-analyst, part-salesman and likes to be surrounded by brave and ambitious people.

Shadab Mahbub

Co-Founder of WebAble Digital & Ether Technologies

Shadab is an entrepreneur, self educated web developer and digital marketing evangelist. Inspite of his age, his professional career began from the age of 17, as a freelance writer working with content publishers from all around the globe. Before taking the plunge into the startup world, Shadab worked for 2 years as a copywriter for Shopping Cart Elite, a leading eCommerce company hailing from Long Island, New York where he underwent extensive training on online marketing and lead teams across the world. He co-founded WebAble with Ovick Alam and Anis Chowdhury to leverage web technology for brands and focuses on utilizing different tools and past experience to increase the ROI on digital marketing while focusing on agile development, growth hacking and company culture.

Anis Hannan Chowdhury

Co-Founder of WebAble Digital, Digital Marketing & Technology Specialist

With more than two years of sales experience in content marketing and a passion for social media, Anis is one of the founding members of WebAble Digital. He enjoys helping companies and individuals develop beautiful online communications that captures the imagination of their users. From websites to apps, social media to content marketing, design to optimization, he is passionate about building something that is larger than life. He is the solution-finder, his extensive knowledge of not only the market, but of people,numbers, businesses, trends, ideas and what not ties together the team to bring it all online.

Monoshita Ayruani

Co-Founder & Director at WebAble Digital

Monoshita is the creative team leader at WebAble Digital. As the Director of Content and one of the founding members at WebAble Digital, she has had the experience of working in this vibrant industry for the last 3 years. Her everyday job involves working with everyone from aspiring designers to number crunching business developers. Monoshita started off my career with BridgeWee (2009) as a co-founder. BridgeWee is a preparation program center for English medium students in Bangladesh. She’s also a graduate of the leadership program by Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC). Over the course of last 6 years, she has worked with multiple national English dailies in Bangladesh including The Independent, and The Daily Star.

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