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Strategy & Analytics

Should you go digital? Where to start? Own media or rent it? Go organic or use paid media? Omni channel or focus on a niche? How to measure success? What are the key KPIs? Does it increase your brand equity? How much to invest? How do you justify the investment? How to pace your digital transformation and buy management’s commitment into the process?

Certified professionals in our Strategy & Analytics team solves all the problems mentioned above and more. We scope out your opportunities. We design strategies and campaigns. Create inbound marketing set-up. We prioritize objectives, define key metrics and deliver results. We optimize your budget across platforms, content and media buying to get the best return.

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“The word design signifies so many different things: a process, a means of promoting sales, and a stage on the road to production. It enhances products, and sells them; it solves problems and conveys ideas; it is artistic and commercial, intellectual and physical.” - Frederique Huygen. We work closely with you to bring out the

essence of your brand creating cohesive and consistent Identity Design, UI/UX design, Print Design and Web Graphics that are memorable, timeless and exceptional. We are raw talent driven by passion. We are digital-native and we love beautifully simple things. We work closely with analytics team to find what works. We like to create design that works.

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We believe in assembling your digital assets in a manner that reflects your brand personality and communication goals. It is not just about HTML, CSS or Javascript; it is really about understanding how your users will perceive and use your website or application and act accordingly.

We develop responsive and modern browser compatible websites, specializing in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. We also love working with various open source frameworks like Wordpress, JQuery and Greensock and use various front end development tools to produce an agile workflow.

Social Media Marketing

We don’t believe in robots. Robots can’t create meaningful human connections with your audience. It is the collection of impressions that your customers have about your brand - both offline and online, that makes your identity meaningful. Dedicated account managers, designers, copywriters and community managers

give a human tone to your brand and drive conversations in social media. We use specialized tools to manage your social media efficiently. We cover Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. We do organic and paid. Campaigns and retainers. We believe social media is a means, not an end.

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Digital Advertising [Media Buying]

We make sure your message is delivered to the right audience, at the right time in the right platform, in right context. We go across channels. Search & Social. Mobile & Desktop. Native & Network. CPC & CPM. We target geographically, demographically, psycographically and contextually with razor sharp accuracy. We build funnels and run retargeting/remarketing campaigns. We monitor and optimize campaigns continuously for maximum ROI.

We cover media buying across Google Adwords (Search & Banners Ads), Google Admob (Mobile) and G&R (for Bangladeshi sites). In social advertising scene, we cover ads in Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn. From our experience, Facebook ads are the most popular and cost effective. Some of the popular categories are: Page Promotion Ads, Engagement Ads, Website Click Ads, Event Promotion Ads, Offer Promotion Ads and App Install Ads.

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Interactive Campaigns

Do you want a havoc wreaking out-of-the-world campaign? Greatest campaigns are ones which come alive with a “wow” factor ingrained in it. We bring our creative and development teams together to go beyond the ordinary and turn the whims of your imagination into reality through

immersion of hardware, software, web apps, social media and interactive technology. Trigger based campaigns are most effective if you want to disrupt digital. It is our responsibility to create unique campaigns which connect with the hearts and mind of your audience.

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