Aarong e-commerce launch | Integrated Campaign Case by WebAble Digital


Creating hype for e-commerce launch


The premier retailer launched their e-commerce platform in summer 2014. The challenge was to build a hype around the site launch through a pre-launch campaign.




We created a contest asking people simple questions about Aarong along with a question regarding what can be the next big thing from Aarong (with one of the options being e-commerce). Winners could win vouchers to redeem in Aarong.  

Media Planning:

Facebook and G&R (a local ad network) were the primary platforms where people with interest in shopping, lifestyle, and e-commerce were targeted.

Content Strategy:

We created contents which hinted very subtly on Aarong’s e-commerce launch. These contents indirectly spoke about the advantages of shopping online. The overall purpose was to create a vibe that something big was about to happen. Also, there were general contents with a CTA (Call To Action) to participate in the contest.


1,700 people participated in the week-long campaign. Winners received vouchers and spread the words. The campaign served 1m impressions to 600K Bangladeshis across Facebook and G&R to drive 40K actions.

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