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Anglo Eastern Glass stepped into the architectural glass industry with the vision to bring quality in architecture and structural industry. They were inspired to revolutionize the architectural and structural glass industry in Bangladesh by instilling artistic creation, design quality and imagination in the glass. quality and imagination in the glass.


Anglo-Eastern Glass came to us with an objective to break the monotonous perception about the concept of glass and make it interesting by engaging our audience through conversation.

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In Bangladesh, one of the most common forms of ordinary annealed glass is locally known as ‘Thai Glass’. Thus, our major responsibility was to shatter the typical concept of glass from people's minds and reflect AEG’s unique image among the general audience through creative contents and by driving conversation.


In the beginning, we worked with the theme ‘unlock your imagination’ for the color hive and tempered glass which incorporated colorful images/content. However, we observed that even with such vibrant and quality contents, there was not enough engagement.
We took a step back to rethink our current strategy. We realized, although young people are not primarily the customers of architectural glass, they are often the influencers in such decision making. Additionally, a large chunk of jobs like interior designing or architecture, which is relevant to the brand, is being served by the younger generation. We observed what was trending in social media among a younger target audience. For this purpose, we mainly looked at memes and the type of contents that was trending. Using this insight, we constructed contents that are instantly relevant to a much younger target group. However, we did not discontinue the kind of contents that we initially did, we just reduced the quantity of it.

Meanwhile, our media planners stood their ground and distributed contents to relevant users while our community managers drove meaningful conversations around the brand in response to all the comments and messages on the page, giving AEG’s Facebook page a 24/7 human touch.


  • 117K

    cubic feet


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AEG started digital marketing with hopes to connect with a new tide of audience in the digital arena. However, their marketing goals were far exceeded as we sold 117,000 cubic feet of tempered glass through conversations on Facebook inbox in less than two months of operation on social media. The results truly speak for itself!

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