Kaspersky spends one print ad’s budget online | Media Planning & Buying Case by WebAble Digital


One print ad’s budget spent online for a day


Kaspersky Bangladesh decided to move its one print media insertion budget to online channels during Pohela Baishakh (April) 2014. WebAble Digital was challenged to create a huge hype on the day and make a mark. The objective was to capture customer attention on social media and build awareness for Kaspersky anti-virus products which were available online purchase and trail.

Kaspersky Spends One Print Ad’s Budget Online | Media Planning & Buying Case by WebAble Digital



We created a landing page on Kaspersky’s website with a list of all products and discounts offered for Pohela Boishakh 2014. People could sign up with their contact details and get a discount code which they could use when they were buying the software in stores or online.

Media Planning:

We ran a multi-channel campaign on Facebook and G&R (a local ad network) to drive people to Kaspersky’s landing page. We were provided with a print insertion creative (with a color scheme of green and red).

We tested out 7 more variations of the color scheme with 10% of the budget in the first hour of the campaign. We identified three contents that outperformed others. So we reallocated rest of the budget to the three contents that got us best results.

Content Strategy:

We basically received a print ad insertion from the client in the 11th hour. We created multiple versions of the same design and tested it out to let the audience decide what’s best (as discussed above).


The campaign had a reach of 1.4M people with 3M impressions, 40K new page likes on Facebook, 70K clicks on the landing page and 5K sign-ups. We took over social media for a day and generated leads for Kaspersky!

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