5 Most Influential Content Marketers [Infographic]
Contributor Written by Contributor on October 18, 2014

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Content marketing is the ongoing norm today. It is one of the defining tools for brand awareness, lead generation,engagement, customer retention and sales. It is the content that will put you ahead of others and it is also the content that will ultimately make you the thought leader of the industry. It poses a sea of opportunities and smart marketers are going all in to utilize these so that they can reach their audiences. They are constantly coming up with new ideas, videos, pictures, blogs, the list goes on. And anyone who isn’t living under the rock is doing it. According to content marketing institute, the hands on the marketing deck are on the upward trend now with 60% of B2C marketers planning to increase their content marketing budgets this year while 70% of B2B marketers already producing more content now compared to a year back. That is a lot of attention towards content marketing. Among everyone in the content marketing bubble, here are 5 people who have content marketing nailed down.

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