Delivering ‘WebAbulous’ Experiences
Ovick Alam Written by Ovick Alam on June 9, 2015

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The digital marketing industry in Bangladesh is a rebel of sorts, so far led by innovators. Now, we need to cater to the early adopters and early majorities. We are entering a stage where digital strategy and best practices need simplification to facilitate traditional marketers’ digital transformation. We need to up our game, make digital easy, useful and seamless.

WebAble Digital has taken a big step towards delivering ‘WebAbulous’ brand experiences simply. This is our new direction. Based in Bangladesh, with 18 digital marketing technologists, WebAble aims to simplify digital interactions for a select pool of ambitious clients.

I’m delighted to officially present to you the new website of WebAble Digital. We’ve updated our site with case studies of our work and a list of selected clientele. This project was led by our new Creative director, Amit Richard (below photo) and Technology Director, Shadab Mahbub.

.@AmitRichard at .@WebAbleDigital

Amit Richard


“Design is passion, creation and inspiration. It is not limited to just the visual representation, there is so much more to it. From the blueprint to the final execution – it is the entire process, the experience.” – Amit Richard






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