Embracing Womanhood for Digital Brand Activation [Case Study]
Contributor Written by Contributor on March 24, 2016

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Women’s Day has become an occasion celebrated by people of all ages throughout the world. Omera LPG, a Bangladeshi company resolving energy crisis by providing the masses with environment-friendly LPG cylinders, stands by the women all across Bangladesh. This Women’s Day, they dedicated a digital campaign to engage, inspire and empower women.

WebAble Digital Campaign, Omera LPG GIF Campaign, Sabreena Sadek

Women make up only ~20% of Facebook users in Bangladesh. Sabreena Sadek, the Head of Marketing at Omera Petroleum Limited, led this campaign to embrace womanhood for brand activation. This online campaign aimed to give women a stronger voice on digital media and remind them to feel proud about themselves.

 WebAble Digital Campaign, Omera LPG GIF Campaign, Sabreena Sadek

Social media is an evolving landscape in Bangladesh and GIFs are a new content format which people love. Omera LPG created a series of GIFs to engage and empower female audience in their Facebook community. GIFs featured some of the most successful and respected Bangladeshi women across all fields of work, both established and young. It also featured GIFs to remind women that they are invaluable to our lives. The campaign allowed women to actively participate to share their thoughts with the world through digital media.

WebAble Digital Campaign, Omera LPG GIF Campaign, Sabreena Sadek

This campaign received 1,34,000+ responses (engagements), reached 2.7 million women and served 4 million social impressions in 3 days. You can find more about this campaign in Omera LPG’s Facebook Page.


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