A Language On Its Own: Bangla Typography
Contributor Written by Contributor on February 19, 2015

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As a designer, I am obsessed with fonts and typography. However, working in a professional field has brought to my attention that there aren’t many Bangla fonts to work with. Moreover, after the High Court passed order to have Billboard ads converted completely to Bangla I’ve started noticing a lot of unappealing billboards on the road. English word-marks have been converted to a ready-made typeface. What used to be English display fonts, have turned into Bangla body fonts blown up to vile proportions. Of course, we can’t blame anyone. There just aren’t enough fonts available to us to get creative with, which is surprising because when I look around at signage and labels, I find hundreds of stylistic, custom-made fonts in use! From the labels on soft drinks to the writings on the back of a rickshaw, Bangladeshis have managed to get extremely creative with typography; digitally, not so much though.

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For February, the designers at Webable have decided to pay homage to our language by going out and getting inspired by typography all around us. We extracted alphabets from sources of type we often overlook and challenged ourselves to digitally reconstruct and redraw every alphabet of the Bangla language with a differently stylized font. Some of these fonts are so iconic, they’re instantly recognizable. I admit, we haven’t conquered the world by doing this, but this is just us one step closer to things to come from the Webable design team in the near future. In order to make use of the project, we’ve made each of the letters available in a square format. Feel free to flaunt them through profile photos on your social media profiles.

We wish you a Happy Mother Language Day in advance.

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