2018 has been a great year for WebAble Digital. To mark the end of the year, we wanted to recognize and celebrate some of our best work. Thus we are delighted to launch this “Year in Review” series featuring the best digital marketing case studies, campaigns, websites, apps, and advertisements we have created this year. Previous posts in the series featured top corporate websitesbest web applications and online portals, and best ads that went viral in 2018.

As most of WebAble’s work is focused on communications, strategy, and creatives that deliver tangible results for our clients, we spend a lot of time coming up with campaigns that WORK. In the fourth post of the Year in Review series, we are sharing some of the best digital marketing case studies by WebAble Digital in 2018.

Crowdsourced storytelling campaign connecting students & teachers

This campaign moved many teachers to tears. As we took a small leap to make our teachers proud & to truly thank them for their contribution, this campaign reached 3.7 M people across Bangladesh. This teacher’s day campaign engaged 156,587 users, generating 1.4 M video views from 7.8 M impressions.

IFAD Eggy, Shakib, and WebAble Digital team take immense pride in making 150+ teachers smile. Read the full digital marketing case study.

Powering 93 crore credit card revenue for Brac Bank

BRAC Bank earned approximately BDT 93 Crores worth of total revenue for the month of Ramadan through this social media campaign in Bangladesh. Additionally, their Facebook page received 66,000+ new followers and 600,000+ engagement as a result of the cards campaign. The campaign reach was 2.3M+ generating 3.3M+ impressions during the 3 weeks leading up to Eid-Ul-Fitr. Read the detailed social media marketing case study.

Online-offline integration & influencer engagement for ASUS Zenfone launch


The campaign created the hype ASUS was seeking and successfully redefined the digital promotion for the brand that engaged people with the phone and its perks generating 1.3 M video views throughout the campaign. Read the full integrated campaign case study here.

Driving 10 crore truck sales online (first time) in Bangladesh

IFAD Autos wanted a digital marketing strategy focused on selling trucks online in Bangladesh – this is a first of kind campaign in Bangladesh.

Within the first 6 months of launching the campaign, their sales drastically increased. The online campaign had a spill-over effect on their offline sales too. They sold their first 50 trucks worth about BDT 10 crore directly from online channels. Read the full digital marketing case study here.

A campaign that drove YELLOW Eid Collection ‘out of stock’ in 7 days

The campaign generated 574K video views and reached 5.5 million people while boosting sales and social media expansion simultaneously. A couple of their signature collections went out of stock within 7 days of the release of the videos on social media rendering this digital marketing campaign a success. Read the full digital marketing plan.

Online Lead Generation + Sales for Concord Real Estate

Concord wanted to leverage its reputation online to drive the generation of high-quality leads for their sales team. This campaign generated 1,000+ leads and 5 crore taka in revenue. Find the full real estate marketing case study.

Geotargeting campaign for SHWAPNO Store Opening

This social media campaign was carried out by using sharp targeting based on income segmentation, interests of the target market both male and female, geolocation, and setting a two-mile radius around the outlet. Read the full geotargeting ads case study.

Increasing industrial glass sales online

Anglo Eastern Glass started digital marketing with hopes to connect with a new tide of the audience in the digital arena. However, their marketing goals were far exceeded as we sold 117,000 cubic feet of tempered glass through conversations on Facebook inbox in less than two months of operation on social media. The result truly speaks for itself! Read the full social media marketing case study.