Future of Marketing

To demystify the marketing landscape in Bangladesh and bring you exclusive insight, interviews, analysis from the industry insiders in the field, WebAble is collaborating with Future StartUp to create a series of interviews titled Future of Marketing.


The fundamentals of how people consume entertainment/news and interact with brands have changed. This new reality calls for a deeper understanding of the changing dynamics of marketing communications – not only to do well in digital but also to succeed in traditional media.

Our goal with the series is simple: understanding the rapidly changing landscape of the marketing and communications scene in Bangladesh and sharing insights to prepare entrepreneurs, marketers, and strategists for the future of marketing.


What to expect in “Future of Marketing”:

  • In-depth interviews with entrepreneurs, marketers, and strategists on the future of marketing and communication. Initially, the number will be about one interview per month. Gradually, we plan to increase.
  • Thought-provoking commentaries and columns from leaders in the industry on the future of communication
  • And finally, expect some bi-weekly insight pieces on interesting happenings in the sector


Ovick Alam, co-founder of WebAble stated: “Our job at WebAble is to bridge delightful innovation and campaign effectiveness. This is why are committed to looking at pop-culture trends, testing new ideas/technology, and analyzing data to find stickiness.

This is an opportunity for us to learn from and share the collective wisdom of the top marketing minds in Bangladesh, young and veterans across various industries. Thanks to the insightful team at FS for taking the initiative. I look forward to some stellar reads.”