Social Media is not a fad. There is significant evidence over the last 5 years to conclude that social media is the next big tool for communication. Internet penetration is witnessing unprecedented growth. Also, the users are having accessibility to the latest technology in browsing. This means that more users are using more. And more users using more will result in less time being given by these users to the conventional modes of communication like television and newspaper. 

Why is Social Media important? 

Social Media serves one strong purpose for the marketer – building a strong relationship between the producer and the consumer. The beauty of social media is that it creates a method of two-way communication. Social Media is also a tool that gives you instant feedback on communication you may have developed. After airing a TVC, you may need to wait for the post-view research to know whether your consumers have connected with the communication. To get instant feedback, simply post the TVC on the official page of the brand on Facebook and you will receive unbiased feedback from your consumers through likes, comments, and shares.

Is Social Media important for my brand? 

Well, it depends on the people you serve. If you produce and market poultry feed, then the focus needs to be on direct marketing. If you sell fried chicken to young adults, then social media must be an integral part of your marketing. The questions you need to ask yourself as a marketer are 

(1) Who are my consumers? 

(2) How can I reach them most effectively? 

(3) Where can I reach them most effectively?

The answers to the questions will make you conclude whether social media is essential for your brand.


Key to Success in Social Media

There are two basic principles that successful brands in social media followers. 

(1) Always On

(2) Rich, relevant and engaging content

Unlike conventional media in which you can develop a TVC or a key visual for a press advertisement, and use it for 3 to 4 months, users of social media demand you to generate and deliver new exciting news all the time. That is where the concept of ‘Always On’ is created. A brand in social media must always keep communicating with the user. It must bombard the user with the new and exciting news that the user will want to share with others. But why should the user care about the news? What is in it for the user? That is where rich, relevant, and engaging content comes in. Your brand has a personality, there is a reason why humans connect with your brand, a reason they believe in it. Make that reason relevant to social media. Make content that will build a strong relationship between your brand and the consumer.  

A great example of a successful brand page on Facebook is that of L’Oreal. With interactive campaigns, rich and relevant posts, the brand is building a league of L’Oreal loyalists in social media who love the content, share, and care about the brand. Beauty brands are about expertise and L’Oreal portrays the image of a beauty brand through its content.


Another successful brand in social media is Oreo. It is amazing how a chocolate cookie can be so much fun and can engage millions of cookie lovers online. Again, rich engaging content that the users love.


The two basic principles are also relevant to celebrities. The most loved celebrities always keep their fans updated with new exciting news. Just have a look at the Instagram profile of football star Cristiano Ronaldo to find out.

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This post was originally published in Tousif Jamal’s blog. Tousif is a marketing professional with more than 4 years of experience in the FMCG industry. He is currently managing the Oral Care portfolio in GSK Consumer Healthcare Business. In addition to this role, Tousif is leading digital marketing for all GSK brands in Bangladesh. Tousif has experience in brand building, customer development, channel strategy, SKU rationalization, and digital marketing. Learn more about him.