Ever wonder what’s the right size of a blog post or video or a tweet? You’re at the right place!

Being a marketer obsessed with measuring everything, I become paranoid about hitting the sweet spot where my tweets are small enough to drive engagement, yet long enough to add value. Trust me, there’s a lot of guesswork involved and when you ask the experts, the most popular answer you get is “it depends”!

When millions of dollars of media value are at stake and the organic reach of Facebook is plummeting, “it depends” is not good enough. Wouldn’t you love to find out if writing that additional sentence will add value or tune out your audience? So I did some digging and came across some great stats that already exists. It was a lot of heavy-duty materials to absorb, so my colleagues and I at WebAble decided to compile our findings into a more easy-to-consume format. Therefore, we developed this infographic to visualize the ideas concisely and save you some valuable time!

Ideal Length Of All Content: Backed By Science by .@OvickAlam via .@WebAbleDigital