In this year’s Best Brand Award, Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF) in partnership with the world’s leading brand research company Millward Brown, identified & honored the best brands in Bangladesh. Brands were selected based on month-long countrywide consumer research carried out by Millward Brown.

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Research Methodology

The approach of consumer research was completely quantitative where face to face Pen and Paper Interviews (PAPI) were conducted with a very structured questionnaire among randomly selected respondents.

The key measure to drive top brands, Millward Brown’s MDS framework was used, which stands for Meaningful, Different, and Salient. The essence of this framework is – the more meaningful, different, and salient the brand associations, the greater their ability to drive consumers’ brand predisposition. The ideal balance for a specific brand is a function of both the category and the primary mode of financial return — sales volume or premium pricing. To capture the overall countrywide brand ethos, in-category and across-category comparative context, Millward Brown has done in-category harmonization and cross-category harmonization to do the ranking of the top brands.

Top 30 Brands in Bangladesh – 2015 [Infographic]

Top 30 Brands in Bangladesh - 2015 - WebAble Digital - Infographics - Best Brand Award - Bangladesh Brand Forum - Marketing


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