We are happy to announce that WebAble turned 2 today! A lot has happened in these two years. Through our work for clients, we have generated 344 million impressions in digital media, reached 20 million people online, 17 million clicks were made, and had 9 million video views. For new readers, WebAble Digital is a digital marketing and social media startup in Bangladesh.
Well, that is not the end.

The tale of numbers continues; we’ve had 1.3 million page likes and 126 thousand social media posts were created with lots of love and a hint of quirkiness. While such magic and madness were coming from our end, in these two years, we have roughly consumed 19 thousand cups full of coffee, had epic, competitive  FIFA duels 720 times, and took enough breaks from it to publish 91 insightful blog posts, within this 104 weeks. We have been blessed with 73 awesome clients, created 23 websites, waved our magic wands to make 16 landing pages, and have used 7 programming stacks in the process. During all that of 730 days of togetherness, WebAble has celebrated 50 birthdays of its eccentric employees. Yes. We love cakes. And birthdays. So happy birthday to us!

2 Years of WebAble in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing - Online Marketing Agency in Bangladesh - WebAble Turns 2 - 2 Years of WebAble

 We invite you to check out some of our best work from the past 2 years


On this occasion, WebAble’s co-founder & CEO, Ovick Alam quoted: “On this day in 2014, I was excited and nervous about starting WebAble. I had little idea about how the future will unfold. Fast forward 2 years, today I couldn’t be more proud to share I’m reminiscing a wonderfully rewarding journey: 2 years of WebAble Digital.

I’m grateful to my team, clients, advisers, partners, and every member of our ecosystem for their endless support to make WebAble a reality in digital marketing.

WebAble turns 2 in a few hours and I want to mark this occasion by celebrating some of the best work our team has done. I humbly seek your feedback and suggestions to help us in our pursuit to improve every day.”