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IFAD Multiproducts

Teacher's Day 2017

Crowdsourced Storytelling Campaign


Instituted in 2003, IFAD Multi Products Ltd. is recognized as one of the largest consumer food producers in Bangladesh. The company established itself as one of the largest suppliers of salt, instant noodles, stick noodles, a varied range of biscuits and cookies, packaged whole spices, and bottled drinking water extracted from local aquifers. All of these concerns have been established in IFAD's own industrial park. Aside from establishing quality products in the local market, IFAD Group as a whole stands by values and ethics that strengthen Bangladesh and support our growth. This 2017, among one of the many ways IFAD Group chose to support the nation, one was to pay a tribute to the people who uphold the backbone of Bangladesh: the teachers in our education system. They chose to do this through IFAD Eggy, the brand engaging most closely with the students & teachers across the nation.


Pay a homage to the teachers of our country while strengthening IFAD Eggy’s brand positioning among the youth. We wanted to make this gesture count. And what better way to pay respect than making it truly personal?

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Teachers play one of the most crucial roles in shaping our lives, right after our parents. They help us identify our passion, and throw their full weight behind us to help us achieve our dreams. Needless to say, they often go out of their way to push us in the right direction. And yet, most of us forget them even after the relentless years of time and effort they have invested in us. As a gesture to thank teachers for their immeasurable contributions, IFAD Eggy rolled out the crowdsourced storytelling campaign, ‘Student of Yours’. This campaign primarily engaged the students, encouraging them to write a personal note for their teachers. The campaign played a vital role in positioning IFAD as a friendly brand to the youth, IFAD Eggy’s largest target group, while it strengthened IFAD Eggy’s market-position as they reconnected students & teachers.


Student of Yours campaign kicked off with a video message from the world’s number one all-rounder, Shakib Al Hasan. He thanked three of his coaches from his cricket institute and invited 28 million Bangladeshi Facebook users to join us in personally thanking teachers who have made a difference in their lives. IFAD Eggy promised to personally deliver the ‘thank you notes’ along with a basket of exciting IFAD goodies to the teachers. Shakib’s video message got 1.3 M views, which was originally published on IFAD Eggy’s Facebook page. Shakib also used his own Facebook page to promote the campaign, fully capitalizing both his & the brand’s goodwill, while BCB re-posted our video showing full support! To ensure that the audience could submit their messages conveniently, a platform (landing page) with smooth and intuitive UI was developed exclusively for this campaign. 250+ entries poured in over the next 30 days! In the days that followed, our team swept through the entries, double-checked the repetitions, and collected details for 150+ deliveries.

IFAD Eggy reached across the nation delivering the students’ thank you notes to their respective teachers all across Bangladesh. We concluded the campaign by making a heartwarming video based on one of the best entries we received through our platform.


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This campaign moved many teachers to tears. As we took a small leap to make our teachers proud & to truly thank them for their contribution, this campaign reached 3.7 M people across Bangladesh. Our crowdsourced storytelling campaign for teacher’s day engaged 156,587 users, generating 1.4 M video views from 7.8 M impressions.

IFAD Eggy, Shakib, WebAble Digital & the full team takes immense pride in making 150+ teachers smile.

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