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DBL Ceramics

Labour Day 2018

Social Media Marketing Campaign


DBL Ceramics Limited is a new concern of DBL Group, a conglomerate operating for 27 years with great success. DBL Ceramics started its journey in late 2016 with an unparalleled commitment to bring elegant and premium quality ceramic tiles for serving diverse interior and architectural needs. A core value nurtured by DBL Ceramics is to care for the community, so they took an initiative this year to appreciate the contributions by labourers in our society. To bring their value into effect, DBL Ceramics launched a social media marketing campaign capitalizing on a large audience built around their digital presence.


Our purpose was to highlight how the contributions of labourers are undervalued, despite the amount of effort they put throughout their lives for measly wages. We wanted to accomplish this by drawing attention to the tiles fitting workers, the most relevant segment to DBL Ceramics, who face negligence and belittlement after spending most of their lives in materializing our dreams.

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We created a vivid visualization that communicates our demeaning attitude towards the labourers, which often escapes serious thought simply due to its appalling nature never being clearly pointed out. By using an audiovisual story of a labourer, we reintroduced the identity of a labourer from a meek paid worker to that of an artist dedicated to sculpting our dreams. We created a heartwarming video and launched the social media marketing campaign under the slogan: শ্রমজীবী নয়, শ্রমশিল্পীই পরিচয়


We kicked off the campaign on May Day (Labour Day) with a 90-sec video portraying a story about inconsiderate treatment of labourers. The video shows a labourer who meticulously works countless hours fitting tiles on a construction site, rejoicing at the satisfaction of his employers and dedicating all his efforts to bring perfection. After his work is done, he leaves the site and some time passes till he walks by the road on which the building stands. As he proudly stares at the structure, reminiscing his connection with it, he blocks the way of a car entering the building which blares its horn to make him step aside. He fails to notice the car due to being lost in his memories, until being wretchedly pushed away by a very annoyed guard of that building. The video ends with his woeful look, and the narrator reminding the viewers not to disrespect the very people who sculpt the dwelling of their dreams.

On DBL Ceramics social media channels, we asked the audience to share their stories about the lives of such labouring artists whose delicate crafting makes our world better everyday.
Our community managers curated and responded to the enormous number of comments and inbox messages from people who instantly resonated to the message that the video tried to deliver.


  • 4.8



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This social media marketing campaign received a huge response reaching more than 4.8 million people with total minutes viewed standing at 411,326. The video generated 54,000+ engagements and 3200+ shares on social media, and most importantly, almost 1 million unique views meant that at least a million people learned about the story of the hard-working labourers.

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