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Eid Collection 2018

Digital Marketing Plan


YELLOW wanted to set themselves apart and showcase their Eid collection in a savvy way focusing primarily on people’s impulse buying habits. During Eid, people tend to increase their spending and they wanted to capitalize on this trend with an effective digital marketing plan - create scroll-stopping content, cover all social media channels and use digital advertising across all platforms to drive traffic.


We wanted to boost sales and extend the reach of YELLOW Clothing across digital platforms before Eid. The objective was to ensure YELLOW's target audience was aware of and excited about their Eid Collection and convert that into increase store footfall and e-commerce traffic using a digital marketing plan.

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To connect to the right people at the right time by catering to the style sense of the relevant market. We showcased YELLOW new Eid Collections through very short AVs, demonstrating a very chic flavor through our visuals.


We collaborated with top models and photographers. Then completed fashion photography and video production in no time. We created eight 15-20 sec long videos showing YELLOW’s limited edition Eid Collection in a chic style that appealed to their urban target audience. The videos were promoted across all digital platforms.

YELLOW’s media team then distributed the contents to the audience based on specific breakdowns of age, geolocation, interests, etc. As a part of our digital marketing plan, we advertised on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.


  • 574k



  • 5.5



The campaign generated 574K video views and reached 5.5 million people while boosting sales and social media expansion simultaneously. A couple of their signature collections went out of stock within 7 days of the release of the videos on social media rendering this digital marketing campaign a sucess.

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