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Store Opening Campaign

Facebook Geotargeting Ads


SHWAPNO is the leading retail chain in Bangladesh with both and offline & online presence. They already had stores in both Gulshan-1 and Gulshan-2. In May 2017, Shwapno was opening a brand new outlet on Gulshan Avenue, between Gulshan 1 and Gulshan 2 - A perfect opportunity for Facebook Geotargeting Ads or Hyperlocal Ads.


Drive traffic to the SHWAPNO's newly opened outlet in Gulshan Avenue by creating awareness among nearby customers through Facebook Geotargeting Ads. The objective was to increase footfall, give the customers a wonderful shopping experience, encourage them to give a positive review, and make them returning customers on this retail outlet.

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There is no better endorsement than word-of-mouth by your its customers. Thus, we carried out a review campaign where we invited people to visit Shwapno’s new store and share their experiences through reviews on social media.


This social media campaign was carried out by using sharp targeting based on income segmentation, interests of the target market both male and female, geolocation and setting a two-mile radius around the outlet. We utilized Instagram and Facebook Geotargeting Ads. We created a “look-alike” audience from SHWAPNO's existing active social media users. Then we displayed ads about the new outlet and its offers to audience residing in and around Gulshan 1, Gulshan 2 & Badda.

Our contextual, Facebook geotargeting ads highlighted weekend grocery shopping offers for families, showing unique captions (and Call To Action) for men & women respectively.


The success of this campaign was evident through the high number of footfalls at the SHWAPNO Gulshan Avenue outlet throughout the first week of its launch. During the campaign launch week, many people commented on Shwapno’s social media page as well as a lot of positive reviews were received.

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