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Zenfone Live Launch

Integrated Digital Campaign


ASUS launched its Android Smartphone “the Zenfone live” in April 2017. Although the phone was globally released a few months earlier, ASUS was not getting the response they expected from the release of this particular model here in Bangladesh. Competitors were storming the market with more compact features of that year’s mobile phone technology. So it was becoming difficult for ASUS to create a hype around this product and compete with other mid-range phone producers. We stepped in with an integrated digital campaign to gain traction for Zenfone Live, which was the world’s first smartphone with the feature of real-time beautification technology - a feature that was to become the key element of our whole promotional strategy.


When people go live on social media using their phone cameras, the video quality is very poor. Multiple accessories are needed to improve the quality, which fails to achieve cost efficiency. ZenFone Live was the world’s first smartphone offering built-in filters and overall video enhancing tools to provide better quality live streaming. Our challenge was to highlight these real-time video enhancing features of the phone in our promotions.

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We designed a campaign combining influencer marketing with Mumtaheena Chowdhury Toya, leveraging people’s obsession with social media platforms such as facebook and instagram. Our plan was to go live on Facebook in different locations around Dhaka city and engage people from local areas to take part in an activity: How well do you know your neighborhood? If the audience could figure out the location and tracked us down by showing up in the exact location of the campaign during the live streaming, the lucky winners would be rewarded with a Zenfone Live mobile phone right there, right then.


At the execution stage, three locations were set: Fuller Road, Rabindra Sarobar and Baily road. On the first day, the program was scheduled at Fuller road. The starting of the campaign was a bit slow. However, minutes later, the response began to accelerate as people kept coming until the very end of the live streaming and even after it ended! The participants were not just from nearby places; students from Dhaka University, BUET, and even private universities came all the way to our locations in Fuller road and Rabindra Sarobar.

Regardless of the short duration of our event, people traveled a long distance to take part in the challenge. By the end of the campaign, we found a few people who came to visit us at multiple locations. Around 10 to 15 gift hampers were distributed each day.


Our goal to create a vibrant image for the brand was realized. The campaign created the hype ASUS was seeking and successfully redefined the digital promotion for the brand that engaged people with the phone and its perks generating 1.3 M video views throughout the campaign.

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