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Online Lead Generation Campaign


Real estate sector saw a decline in the 2010s due to intermittent instability and poor infrastructural support. For survival, property developers had to reinvent their business strategy. Only the strongest companies ones survived the turmoil and started getting back tractions from 2015. Concord Real Estate, a company operating for more than 40 years, wanted to build their reputation online and generate sales. Thus we proposed an online lead generation for real estate in Bangladesh.


Leverage Concord's reputation online to drive generate high-quality leads for their sales team.

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Common people don’t visit real estate companies’ page often. Concord wanted an effective way to generate interest about real-estate estate options that the company was offering. Prior to the launching of our campaign, they did not maintain any digital presence. They wanted to follow a different path by presenting the details of their assets in an interactive manner.

The idea was to redesign Concord's content unconventionally. As real-estate companies often fail to draw attention and entice people to visit their page, we come up with contents which will draw attention. People would ask questions and want to know more about Concord's apartments. The information was easy to access without going to the official website which is something most people don’t want to do often.


We redesigned the contents and just by tapping on the content will bring a window in facebook messenger (partnering with ChatLeads) which will give the audience an idea about different real estate options the company offers. In our communications, we included a major concern most buyers have: Late delivery of projects.

We highlighted Concord Real Estate’s commitment and track record of on-time delivery of projects to drive online lead generation for real estate in Bangladesh.


More and more people begin to interact and were interested to know about Concord Real Estate’s projects. When we started off, barely any real estate companies had a digital footprint. Following our initiative, almost 15 real estates started their digital journey.

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