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Women's Day 2018

Storytelling for RMG Sector of Bangladesh


In April 2013, an industry that constitutes the backbone of our GDP and exports collapsed with the death of 1129 workers. In spite of Bangladesh being the third largest garment producer in the world, generating 80% annual export revenue, we lost the edge in the global market. 5 years since Rana Plaza tragedy, the Readymade Garment (RMG) sector has gone through a rigorous transformation to ensure workers rights and safety. However, despite such developments, the big picture presented to the world was missing the driving force of the industry: the workers. We felt the need to change the narrative with powerful storytelling for RMG Sector of Bangladesh.


We joined forces with C&A Foundation, one of the largest buyers of RMG sector of Bangladesh, to humanize the RMG workers through storytelling and content marketing. Thus, Made in Equality was born.

According to the World Bank, 80% of garment workers in Bangladesh are women. However, women in Bangladesh, particularly in this segment are rarely appreciated for their contribution at home or to the economy. On Women’s Day 2018, Made in Equality decided to pay respect to these women & demonstrate their significance to the world.

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We wanted to work with a real story, create a video centered around the life of one female worker and take it to the global audience. In search of an inspiring story of a female worker in the garment industry, our team browsed through 175+ stories in our archive. After days of evaluation, we picked Shiuly’s (pseudonym) story of struggle, resilience, and breakthrough.


We took a fragment of Shiuly’s real-life story from Made in Equality and jumped to storyboarding with our production team. To truly reflect Shiuly’s lifestyle through the video, we went down to a village & recreated the setting Shiuly lived in as a child.

After a week of rigorous execution, the final output of the video was published on Made in Equality’s Facebook & YouTube pages. The video was linked back to Made in Equality website and reposted on Twitter, Instagram & Google Plus for a wider reach.


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Shiuly’s story received 3.9m+ video views, 107K+ reactions & 10,000+ shares on social media, engaging audience across Bangladesh, India, the Middle East, Indonesia & UK. We believe storytelling for RMG Sector of Bangladesh will inspire people to see the human faces of the workers and hear their true voices beyond the clattering of machines and shadows of past tragedies.

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