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YELLOW Clothing is a trendy and customer-focused retail brand, a leader in its market. YELLOW believes in empowering its customers and giving them the convenience of choice, time, and quality. In 2017, YELLOW came up with the idea to enable its customers to design their own shirts, online - using a web application for customized shirt. This would become the first of its kind platform in Bangladesh.


Our objective was to build an intuitive, interactive and user-friendly web application for customized shirt that anyone can use to design their clothes suited to their own style. Customers could also choose from numerous fabric and color combinations.

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We looked at the main distinguishing features that differentiate one shirt from another and incorporated these in our web application for customized shirt in a way that anyone can come up with a great design just in a few clicks.


We created the web application in three months and launched it on their e-commerce enabled website. Customers were given the power to sit back at home and choose any size, color, collar, cuffs, sleeves, style and everything they’d want customizing on their shirt, including the type of fitting they prefer.


This web application for customized shirt attracted great responses. We continuously optimized it for better performance. The number of orders and recurring customers were no surprise, because getting a unique shirt and reflecting your individual taste was never easier. Now you can customize your shirts and order it immediately from a dynamic web application - Yellow Tailor Store. This is a first of its kind project in Bangladesh.

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