“We’re sorry, but we’re experiencing unusually heavy traffic. Please try later?”

“Your call is important to us. Please hold on for a moment.”

“We’re unable to answer your question. Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx to speak to a representative from the xxx team.”

These are some of the most cringe-worthy phrases customers experience during their purchase and post-purchase cycles. If your company is heavy on these responses, there’s a scope of improvement! If your business has customers and if they aren’t treated as real people, the business will soon fade into nothingness. Remember, technology is here to help people, not to replace them. Below are some facts that will shake up your customer service team for the better.

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Bottom Line: Regardless of the rate of technology change, the human touch will always be important for customer care. Automating customer service at the cost of human touch might not be the best idea after all. For a hands-on learning experience, we recommend you take the ‘Service Mantras’ training by Dhammika Kalapuge.