Traditional marketing is dead. Well, that’d be a stretch. Traditional marketing is here to stay, but digital has changed the game. Marketing is evolving rapidly to incorporate both traditional and digital with integrated strategies. However, many brands have failed to incorporate digital into their communication mix. Here are 3 simple reasons why you need to go digital NOW:

  1. Most of your potential customers spend time online

‘Only teenagers use social media in Bangladesh’ is a backdated statement. You can reach 1.4 crore Bangladeshis on Facebook, and 37% of them are above 24 years old. Over 8 lakh Bangladeshis are on LinkedIn. Moreover, you can target your ideal audience using various professional, demographic, and psychographic criteria in digital platforms. In fact, you can target specific people who are talking about or are looking for products you are selling. Now, isn’t that super effective? Find more about ways to easily connect with your target audience here.

  1. It’s easier to get started with social media for business than you would think

But it’s important to ensure your presence across multiple channels, at least on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook besides your website (and blog). Also, one must maintain consistency in communication and align it to off-line communications.

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  1. Online marketing is cost-effective, at least you get what you pay for

That’s why a lot of small and medium companies use digital as their primary strategy. From lead generation to closing a sale, online funnels have helped reduce costs for many companies. Moreover, digital space allows brands to measure and track all matrices very closely.

At WebAble we help brands think through their digital strategy and determine the best approach to a digital transformation. However, there’s no quick fix, measuring ROI and adjusting strategies are part of the learning curve. Needless to say, the early movers are going to have a substantial market advantage in the years to come.

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