In this day and age, people are either asleep or are connected. It is difficult to create a single static definition of digital marketing as consumers search throughout the entire buying process and have access to freely available information and opinion on products and services. There are several possible definitions based on which flavor of the digital channel you are most familiar with. As per Wikipedia, digital marketing is the use of:


Electronic devices such as:

  • Personal computers
  • Smartphones
  • cellphones
  • Tablets and
  • Game consoles to engage with the consumers


Applies technologies or platforms such as:

  • Websites
  • Email
  • Apps and
  • Social Networks

Digital marketing is using techniques which allow the marketer to use the best of both worlds: Digital and Marketing.

While this is true, it is also limiting. The underlying idea that digital marketing is simply marketing with computers is our best mistake and worst catastrophe. Digital marketing is using techniques that allow the marketer to use the best of both worlds: Digital and Marketing. The marketing world in large part can be split into these two camps:

  • The Old School: They believe that nothing has changed except the tools.
  • Digital Advocates: They assume that the world of communication has changed so radically that the old rules have completely lost relevance.

So who’s right? I think the line has to be drawn somewhere in between. I am equally frustrated to see people who try to fit new media into old models and those who assume that every shiny object represents a new paradigm.


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Nevertheless, it’s clear that something fundamental has changed and in my view, it starts with one of the most primary assumptions in the marketing world. While the basic principles of marketing still apply, digital marketing is not just another new channel for marketing.

Software is eating the world…every business is now becoming a tech business.

On the contrary, it’s a refreshingly new approach to marketing that offers a unique understanding of consumer behavior. In a broad sense, the internet is at the heart of digital marketing. Experts say “Software is eating the world…every business is now becoming a tech business.” While it may not be true quite yet, but we certainly should wake up to the reality that technology has fundamentally changed how we communicate, and it’s still at an early stage.