I am thrilled with our team for experimenting with an interactive storytelling format to give viewers the power to determine the fate of a story, literally. This is a first-of-its-kind attempt in Bangladesh – Kintu, Jodi Emon Hoto?

Starring Nusrat Imrose Tisha and Yash Rohan, the film is directed by Emran Emon, presented by TECNO Mobile, and produced by “How’s That?” production. The short film has numerous decisions for the audience to determine the direction of the story, which will eventually lead to one of the many endings. The duration of the film will also vary based on choices made by the viewer. 

Kintu, Jodi Emon Hoto? - First Interactive Short Film in bangladesh Bandersnatch

Interactive storytelling in films is one of the most contemporary elements of cinematic evolution. In an interactive story, the audience gets to choose the storyline from multiple options presented to them at certain points of the film. Interest in this mode of filmmaking recently spiked by Black Mirror’s “Bandersnatch”. The story of “Kintu, Jodi Emon Hoto?” is a tale of two doctors, Fahad and Bushra, living in different cities while dealing with the complexities of their long-distance relationship.

Anis Chowdhury, a WebAble co-founder, has recently launched his content production company How’s That? with this innovative project. He stated, “We are always very passionate about presenting new and unorthodox work and we are taking a huge leap of faith with this bold integration of technology in filmmaking.”

How’s That? The production team pulled off this project in 10 days, with only 5 sleepless days and nights to complete shooting, editing, and composing music. I particularly love the original soundtracks created for this project. It’s fresh, contemporary, and grows on you.

For the best experience, please watch it on a desktop or on Android phones (the platform it is hosted on, has certain glitches for safari browser on iPhones).

I believe interactive storytelling could become a powerful tool – especially in Social and Behavioral Change communications. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback (here or personally) on our small attempt at this innovative work so that we can learn and improve continuously.