How to Get on the Social Video Bandwagon

If you are preparing your marketing strategy for the current year then there isn’t a better way than to use social video. It is probably the most versatile way to engage your target audience and build trust. However, to be current, you must also be aware of the current trends dominating the social video world in 2017. There are several good reasons to hop on to the social video bandwagon but the topmost reason is that it helps to generate more leads. Well, that’s what every business needs – isn’t it?

If you too wish to beat the competition then you’ll have to follow the latest social video trends. Here’s how you can start your campaign and set the social videos rolling:  


Storytelling with short video series to build anticipation and engagement

This is a great way to build anticipation around products or services being offered by your business and at the same time, you can engage your target audience. If you have a long concept or video then you can break it up into smaller pieces for easier understanding of viewers. Now, that leads to a series of videos, which can explain the same topic in multiple videos. This inevitably builds up the anticipation and engages your viewers.


Video marketing is the latest trend that can set your business apart from your competitors and the best thing is that you’re not going to lose anything but only gain.


Live videos on different platforms to build trust and engagement

Businesses of all sizes are experiencing great marketing success by leveraging the power of live videos on different platforms. The use of live video with your target audience facilitates a deeper connection with the market, sharing of engaging content, better exposure, and improvement of conversion rates. Video content can outperform all other content types when it comes to driving conversions. Live videos have the ability to catch the attention of your audience quickly and even get the consumer to take prompt action. Thus it has proved to be a very effective marketing platform to improve the brand value and influence customers online.  


Live videos help you to build trust quickly with your followers and engage them by sharing incredible and relevant content.  


Power of Video Ad Campaign

Video ads are immensely effective in driving sales as viewing help in triggering video-sharing as well as strong emotional responses. A recent survey revealed that viewers take quick action after seeing a video ad, which isn’t the case with other content types.  It also revealed that digital video is much more shareable and memorable. The power of a video ad campaign is much higher than the traditional advertising medium and consumers are twice more likely to take action after viewing an ad than any other content type.




Social video has brought a paradigm shift to marketing campaigns as more and more brands (large as well as small) are using it to engage with their target audience and drive sales. You too should jump in without hesitation to leverage one of the most popular mediums to improve the conversion rate and drive in more sales.