What is it that drives WebAble to be as successful as it is? The vision and the people working behind it. The team is headed by Ovick, Anis, and Shadab but there’s also a minuscule army of interns who literally, yes, sweat, eat and drink WebAble’s favorite word- crazy!

Yours truly has been a part of the WebAble family for the past two months working as an intern. So far it has been a roller coaster ride. I initially signed on as a writer but then when you get to work somewhere like WebAble where the creative juices flow you also get to stretch yourself out a little bit. We are learning- whether we want to or not, here we learn. I’m learning about marketing, account management, graphic design, etc. Sometimes we get thrown into projects and it gets intense with the huge workload but we come out stronger.

I’ve found out while dabbling with accounts, contents, etc that my strength lies in content creation. When we all get together to brainstorm- yes, everybody has an input- I can truly feel my brain cells sweating. Working here you get thrown into doing lots of different things and you might discover your calling just as I have.

“WebAble has been a madhouse for grooming crazies, really. But the right kind of crazies who are driven to bring unreasonably great ideas into reality through fascinating numbers and tools; setting a trend that leaves an impact. I’m just glad for being part of a roller coaster ride towards the technological revolution in the history of Bangladesh”, quotes my fellow NewAbler Monoshita Ayruani- a very special part of the WebAble team and has been here from the very beginning.

My internship has taught me a great deal. As a student, there’s nothing better than to be a part of the tech revolution that is changing Bangladesh even as I type.