BACKGROUND:  Yellow wanted to set themselves apart and showcase their Eid collection in a savvy way focusing primarily on people’s impulse buying habits. During Eid, people tend to increase their spending and they wanted to capitalize on this trend.

OBJECTIVE: We wanted to boost sales and extend the reach of Yellow Clothing through social media by targeting active social media users during Eid time.


IDEA: To connect to the right people at the right time by catering to the style sense of the relevant market. We showcased Yellow products through very short AVs, demonstrating a very chic flavor through our visuals.

EXECUTION: We created eight 15 – 20 sec long videos showing Yellow’s limited Eid collection in a chic style that appealed to the target audience. The videos were promoted through Facebook & Instagram. Yellow’s media team then distributed the contents to the audience based on specific breakdowns of age, geolocation, interests, etc.


RESULT: The campaign generated 574k views and 5.5 million reaches while boosting sales and social media expansion simultaneously. A couple of their signature collections went out of stock within 7 days of the release of the videos on social media.